Rates for recordings and storage : How it works



Dear customers,


You may have noticed it in your last invoice: audio files are now charged if you keep them in your account. On the dashboard, you will see your the total storage: in this case 824 minutes.


Billing is per minute and per month, combining the two types of files: "Library" (files played in your voice applications) and "Recordings" (call recordings, voicemail, etc.).

We offer 12 hours (720 minutes) of storage per month. You are charged for the remaining time.


For example:

- Total storage: 824 minutes

- Free: 720 minutes

- Total billed: 824 - 720 = 104 minutes

The storage rate is 0,025 € / minute / month.

In this example, the amount charged would be 104*0,025 = 2.60€.

In your account, you can set a maximum capacity in the "LIMITS" section and then in the "MEDIA STORAGE" section:




This means you can manage the maximum cost you want to allow for your recordings.

Older files are automatically deleted from your account in order to match the maximum storage settings. Library files are never deleted.

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