Billing FAQ

Billing per second

All prices are displayed per minute but don't worry, we charge per second: if you make a 1 minute and 23 seconds phone call, we charge for 83 seconds – nothing more.

SMS Billing

Both inbound and outbound SMS are charged. Inbound SMS prices (the cost to receive an SMS) is always $0.01 per SMS while outbound prices vary on a country basis. Click here to see the prices of SMS, voice calls and phone numbers for any country we serve.

SMS prices depend on the length of the SMS: character encoding and SMS concatenation will both affect the length and therefore the price of outbound SMS. Read the following article for more details:
πŸ‘‰ Character Encoding for SMS

Why am I "billed twice" for call tracking?

Tracking activity over a phone number is free. However, numerous functions offered with call tracking are subject to a charge.

  1. Incoming call: any call made by a client to a tracked phone number is billed as an inbound call.
  2. Outgoing call (if call forwarding is used): if a call forwarding scenario is set up, another simultaneous call occurs, from the tracked number to the phone number of the call recipient.

To sum it up, if you use call tracking with call forwarding, each customer call generates two charges: one inbound call (->tracked phone number) as well as one outbound call (tracked phone number->destination phone number).

Read the Outbound vs. Inbound article for more details.

Besides, we charge a fixed monthly amount for phone numbers. While your first phone number used for call tracking is offered free for the first seven days, additional numbers must be paid for. Prices vary per country.

πŸ‘‰ Numbers management at CALLR.

Will I receive a bill every month?

We send a bill at the end of every month to all customers. It gives you an overview of your monthly consumption, so you know what you are paying.
Prepaid customers always have a total owed amount equal to 0: the bill is paid using the current charge on their account. - The bill is here to help you track your consumption.
Postpaid customers pay the total owed amount either directly via pre-authorized debit from their bank account, or via bank transfer in a timely fashion.

Do I get a receipt when I credit my account? (Prepaid)

If you are a prepaid customer, a credit receipt is sent to you by email each time you credit your account. It displays the credited amount, VAT, and your updated total current balance.

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