Channel Management

What are channels?

Channels are used to designate the number of simultaneous calls allowed on your account. While channel amount doesn't matter for small-scale campaigns, channel impact becomes more perceptible as the scale of your campaigns grows.

Why channels matter?

Channels have a perceptible impact on your campaigns duration. Indeed, the length of a campaign (CMPLength) is essentially a factor of three parameters.


  1. The number of people reached (NBprospects) - the number of entries in the address book used for the campaign
  2. The length of the campaign message (MSGlength) - how long each prospect listens to your message / interacts with your IVR menu.
  3. The number of channels (NBchannels) allocated to the campaign.

For instance, reaching 50 000 prospects with a 2-minutes long message and 10 channels would take close to a full week (~6.94 days). The same campaign with 200 channels would only last for 8 hours.

Channels are crucial when you need to ensure the timely delivery of a message to a large prospect base.

How many channels are granted initially?

Initially, we grant all accounts with 10 inbound and outbound channels upon creation. If you plan to use our services for large-scale communications campaigns, please reach out to our support team.

You can view your channels on the Limit page of your CALLR console:


How to add more channels?

Adding more channels is free of charge. Additional channels are allocated depending on the quality of the overall traffic quality sent to our services: ASR, call duration, blacklisting... Channels are granted according to your needs to preserve the best quality of service for all customers.

To add more channels to your account, contact the customer support team.

(VoIP reseller) How to move channels from one client to another?

VoIP reseller accounts can move up to 30 channels at a time, from one client to another. If you need additional channels, please contact the support team to process your request.

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