Campaign Reports

Campaign reports

Campaign reports give you a detailed overview of the results of your SENDR campaigns. They include data about address books and blacklists, the chosen communication method (voice or SMS) results, campaign scheduling, and user input if any (keys pressed or response to SMS). Campaigns are identified by a unique 8 character hash.

Campaign reports are available online using our web interfaces or with the API. We build the reports on the address book you chose for the campaign so each result can easily be related to the destination number. Learn more about address books with our Address Book and Blacklist FAQ

Access campaign reports with SENDR

When you log in on SENDR, you land on your campaign list. From here, just click the "View Report" button next to the campaign of your choice to see the stats. Please keep in mind that full reports are only available for completed campaigns.


In the campaign screen, you can download the full report of the campaign (CDRs built on top of the address book used) with the download button at the top right of the screen.

Access campaign reports with the API

You can access the campaign report of a given campaign using the sendr/10/report.get method (doc). You need to input the hash identifier of the desired report as a parameter.

Find campaign reports' hash IDs

With the API, you can find the hash identifier of your previous campaigns using the sendr/10/ method (doc). You can fetch a list of your campaigns using the search method with empty filters and options arrays as parameters. Check the API FAQ for more details.

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