Number Portability How-to

You can port existing phone numbers to and from CALLR. The procedure depends on the phone numbers' country. If your need is not covered by the country detailed below, please contact the support to process your request.

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How to port phone numbers in?

To port phone numbers, you need to contact the support. Additional documents and information are needed to process your request:

  • Numbers to port in and their operator identity number. (FR: RIO, UK: PAC)
  • Bills or any other document proving your company ownership of the given numbers.
  • Company name, address and company registration number (FR: SIRET, US: EIN - Employer Identification Number, UK: CRN)

How to port numbers out?

Any numbers (DIDs) you bought using our services can be ported out. The procedure varies depending on the phone number countries and the carrier who provided it. Here are the required documents:

  • Numbers to port in and their operator identity number.
  • Destination identification.

Contact the support team to begin the process.

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