Call Statuses

Accessing call statuses

Call statuses are included in campaign reports when relevant (voice campaigns). Campaign reports include call status for calls that are part of a SENDR campaign.

For voice calls that are not part of a SENDR campaign, their statuses can be fetched using our API or viewed on our web interface.

Find call statuses with the API

Different methods are available to consult call analytics according to your needs. The full list of call analytics methods is available in our documentation.

Call statuses overview

Calls can either go through (ANSWERED), fail (ERROR) or go through while not reaching the recipient's phone (ABSENT). Each of these three statuses has sub-statuses to inform you about the cause of the first status.

Call statuses are mutually exclusive: a call can only have one status at a time. 

Successful calls are calls initiated without errors and picked up by the recipient (ANSWERED). They have two sub-statuses. Completion means the full broadcast of the message(s) defined while setting up the campaign.

  1. ANSWERED/COMPLETE: answered calls where the messages were fully broadcast to the recipient.
  2. ANSWERED/INCOMPLETE: answered calls where messages broadcast was incomplete. This can be due to the recipient hanging up.

Calls can also be successful, i.e., properly initiated and received by the recipient but not answered (ABSENT). They have three sub-statuses. 

  1. ABSENT/BUSY: the recipient was successfully reached, but the call was not able to go through because he was already in a call.
  2. ABSENT/NO_ANSWER: the recipient was successfully reached but didn't answer the call.
  3. ABSENT/VOICEMAIL_DETECTED:  the recipient was successfully reached, didn't answer the call, and an automated voicemail response message was detected.

Finally, calls can fail (ERROR) because of four main reasons described in the following sub-statuses. An error occurs when the call is not successfully originated or attempted but rejected by carriers.

  1. ERROR/BLACKLISTED: the call was not made because the number is blacklisted. Not initiated 
  2. ERROR/REJECTED: the call was rejected by the recipient. The call is initiated by us but gets an error response from the carrier.
  3. ERROR/UNALLOCATED_NUMBER: the call was not able to go through because the recipient number is unallocated. The call is initiated by us but gets an error response from the carrier.
  4. ERROR/OTHER: calls failed with an unknown error.

Call result codes overview

Result codes are used to describe the outcome of a call that reached the recipient's phone (ANSWERED_COMPLETE,  ANSWERED_INCOMPLETE AND ABSENT/VOICEMAIL_DETECTED). Here are the following call results code and their meaning:

  • HANGUP: the recipient hung up
  • VOICEMAIL_COMPLETE: the defined message was fully played to the recipient's voicemail
  • VOICEMAIL_INCOMPLETE: the defined message was partially played to the recipient's voicemail.
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