SMS Statuses

Accessing SMS statuses

SMS statuses are included in campaign reports when relevant (SMS campaigns).

Find SMS statuses with the API

Different methods are available to fetch SMS statuses according to your needs. The full list of SMS analytics methods is available in our documentation.
Historical methods (analytics/sms.history) gives you day by day historical view. Summary methods (analytics/sms.summary) offer a more condensed overview.

SMS status only are included in the _out methods (analytics/sms.summary_out and  analytics/sms.history_out) if status is set in the fields paramaters or in the out_by_status methods  (analytics/sms.summary_out_by_status and analytics/sms.history_out_by_status).

SMS statuses meaning

  • ERROR: Refused by the carrier
  • EXPIRED: The validity of the message has expired before it could be delivered - either the phone was turned off for too long or was outside the coverage zone for a long period.
  • FAILED: Delivery failed by the carrier
  • PENDING: The message has been created in our system but was not transferred to the recipient's carrier yet. (queued by CALLR).
  • RECEIVED: The message has been received by the recipient.
  • REMOTE_QUEUED: The message has been accepted by the carrier but queued on their system before its delivery to the recipient mobile.
  • SENT: The message has been sent to the recipient.
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