Media FAQ

What are media?

Media are audio files that can be used any time an audio message is played. These include ringtones, welcome messages (played when the call recipient answers), call whispers (played to the call handler), IVR messages, voicemails, and failure messages.

We support the most common media file formats, including .wav, .mp3, and .ogg; if you want to upload audio on an unsupported media format, you need to convert the file beforehand, with the help of an audio editing software or an online converter.

Media also include email templates in the email sent to the specified address when the email options have been activated (call recording, voicemail message).

ℹ If you use the call recording feature for either outbound or inbound call, you'll also find the call recordings in the Media tab of your CALLR Console.

How can (audio) media be created?

Three methods can be used to create media; each fit different needs.


Preview of the phone recording media creation option on CALLR

  1. File upload: You can use your audio files as media. 
  2. Phone Recording: If you are creating a campaign for a third party, the phone recording option might be the best fit. It gives you a phone number to call and a code to input, unique to the media. This option allows for the delayed recording of media, as you can create the campaign without having first to record your media. You can then give the third party the phone number and unique code to let them record the media.
  3. TTS: Text-To-Speech can be used to generate a media from a text. To learn more about TTS and how to best use it, please read our relevant Learning Hub Article: TTS Overview.

Where can I see my media?

Find the media tab on the sidebar of your console on CALLR:


The media section includes both media used during phone calls (such as ringtones or call messages) & your call recordings.

Are there any limits to the number of media I can upload or record?

The first GB of media data is handled free of charge. Recording additional media after the first free GB will cause the deletion of your first recordings (rolling 1 GB storage).

If you need more media space, we can raise the maximum limit of your media library for a fee: $29 per month per GB. Please contact the support team to get the process started.

Using the API, you can view your current library situation and allowed quota using the media.get_quota_status method (doc). It returns the media count, quota (maximum capacity currently allowed) and current status:


Using the media.get_quota_status method with CALLR API (Python)

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