What is call tracking?

Call tracking allows you to track incoming call activity and know where your users found your number. Learn more about call tracking in the dedicated Learning Hub section

How can I start using call tracking?

We provide a web interface to help you create and manage tracked phone numbers. Visit to get started.

Can I try it for free?

We provide you with a free tracked number when you signup; you can redirect it to any mobile or landline phone of your choice. We'll also grant you free credit to help you get started without having to charge your account.

How much does it cost?

Our call tracking service comes free of charge. Although, to make use of call tracking you'll need a phone number as well as call forwarding services if you want to redirect the tracked number to a landline or mobile phone.

To learn more about phone numbers and their pricing at CALLR, check the dedicated article: Numbers at CALLR.

To answer all questions regarding our billing system and accepted payment methods, check out the following article: Billing Systems and Means of Payment.

If you have still questions about prices and phone call billing at CALLR, check out the Billing FAQ.

What are call tracking medias?

Medias are audio files used at various times during the call events. Four different types of medias can be used for call tracking, as detailed below.

  • Bridge: media played to both parties before bridging the call
  • Ringtone: media played while the target is ringing
  • Welcome: media played immediately to the caller
  • Whisper: media player to the target number only, i.e. the number the call is being redirected to (callee whispering)

To learn more about media handling at CALLR, check our dedicated article: Medias FAQ.

Can I record call tracked calls? How?

Yes. See our step by step guide to setting up my first call tracked number for more details.

Setting up my first call tracked number

What is the maximum length of a recorded voicemail message?

With CALLTRACKR, you can set up a voicemail to handle your inbound calls (step 5). There are two possibilities:

  1. If you have targets (step 3), the calls will be redirected to all the targets in their respectful order and if they don't answer it, to the voicemail.
  2. If you have no target, incoming calls will go straight to the voicemail.

Messages recorded on your voicemail will be sent to you by email. The length of voicemail messages is limited to 2 minutes maximum.

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