Inbound vs. Outbound

What does inbound call and outbound call mean?

Inbound calls are incoming phone calls: they come from an outside source. On the other hand, outbound calls are originated by our service to an outside destination. The distinction is essential because inbound and outbound calls are processed and priced differently.

Why are prices different for inbound and outbound traffic?

Inbound traffic is always cheaper than outbound traffic. Indeed, the process of routing inbound traffic to the end-user is much less complex than the one required to place an outbound call, which explains the price difference.

We display all our prices, both for inbound and outbound calls (landline and mobile) for any country on the pricing section of our website.

Is call routing inbound or outbound?

Routing a call requires an outbound call. For instance, if a call received on (646) 982-0820 is routed to (646) 982-0821 it means that there is one inbound call on (646) 982-0820 and one outbound call from (646) 982-0820 to (646) 982-0821. Therefore, both an inbound call and an outbound call are charged.

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