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Custom IVR helps you manage inbound calls in an effective fashion. With interactive phone menus processing your users' input, you can redirect them to the most suited service and agent. Custom IVR is as smart as your data system: it recognizes users based on their phone numbers. IVR is mainly used for inbound phone calls but it also works for outbound calls.

You can create specific scenarios for second-time callers, identified customers, or for a specific event in the client's lifecycle. For instance, with a custom IVR integration, you can recognize customers with unpaid bills and ask them to settle their account by offering to redirect them to your billing service on key press when they call you.

What is Custom IVR used for?

Inbound phone calls are valuable: only interested prospects or customers would call your business. Custom IVR is here to help you set up an efficient system to process these inbound calls to help you create a quality user experience even on the line - convert prospects, improve customer satisfaction, and make the most of each call.

  • Pre-qualify: with a few carefully chosen questions, you can learn enough to know why the customer or prospect is calling you and where to redirect him. Manual redirections between services can be avoided in most situations.
  • Frequent callers and customers recognition: with DIDs (numbers) recognition, you can give frequent callers the royal treatment. You can even, if you choose, make specific customers skip the line - offering premium support with no waiting time.
  • Link web to phone calls: advanced implementations with the combined use of custom IVR and call tracking help you link online and offline data. If a customer calls you from your website, it provides the agent handling the call with all the data already collected on the customer: history on the website, current cart, account ID...

Can you show me a real example of Custom IVR?

Quotatis helps individuals to find artisans for their projects such as construction, plumbing, or heating renovations. It offers their users with free invoices on their projects. Since they receive a lot of calls, covering diverse needs, they need to direct them to respondents able to process the requests. Therefore, they use a custom IVR menu to prequalify their callers, routing the incoming calls to the best-suited agents once the caller has answered some questions.

How to implement Custom IVR?

SENDR Implementation

SENDR is a campaign management tool. As such, it doesn't offer features to handle inbound calls. Nevertheless, you can create interactive menus for outbound calls with SENDR. You can later redirect interested prospects to other phone numbers - even call tracked numbers with a custom IVR implementation, to create a fluid experience. Check out our web interface SENDR.

API Implementation

With our API, your custom IVR implementation can get as smart as the data you collect. You can also buy and assign tracked numbers automatically to make your custom IVR systems even more efficient.

=> Check out CALLR custom IVR

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