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Call tracking helps you to go back to the source of each phone call. To do so, it operates at two main levels.

At a call level, we provide analytics on the calls. Data includes its source, its duration, and who hung up. You can record calls and forward the recording by email. All features of the custom IVR use case can also be included: interactive phone menu, call forwarding and much more.

Moreover, at a phone number level, you can use our API to create and assign phone numbers in real time. With this feature, you can, for instance, display a number unique to each websession ID on your website to continue the tracking even when your users switch channels.

What is call tracking used for?

You can use call tracking on any number, for inbound calls. The main usages of call tracking include: 

  • Benchmark different acquisition channels: you can benchmark different marketing channels by attributing a specific number to each. With call tracking, you can measure the ROI of offline activities such as flyers and optimize them. For instance distributing flyers at different locations with a number for each location gives you a benchmark of the most efficient locations.
  • Track lead generation activities for a third party: companies who generate leads for others are data-hungry: they need to know precisely the amount of leads they generate as well as being able to gauge their quality. To that end, we provide detailed reporting features including a white-label reporting option.
  • Link web to phone calls: advanced implementations with the combined use of custom IVR and call tracking help you link online and offline data. If a customer calls you from your website, it provides the agent handling the call with all the data already collected on the customer: history on the website, current cart, account ID...

Can you show me a real example of call tracking? is a classifieds website where users can sell and buy real estate, cars or furniture. Once the potential buyer has found an item fitting his needs, offers numerous ways of contacting the seller, including calls. If the buyer clicks on the call button, ParuVendu displays a dynamically assigned and call tracked number. The precise metrics over the leads they generate granted by call tracking helps ParuVendu to monetize its activity.

How can I implement call tracking?


Our API takes call tracking one step further. On top of all the features offered in our web interface, you can purchase and assign numbers programmatically to build automated workflows using call tracking.

For instance, let's say you are offering a service website - a directory of pizza trucks. You can track calls made to any truck without having to own thousands of numbers. When the end-user clicks on the "call truck" button, your system can automatically assign an available phone number with the desired truck as a target number.

Besides, combining call tracking with custom IVR features such as real-time call routing and press 1 options allow for an even better handling of inbound calls. 

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