CDR Overview

What are CDRs (Call Detail Record)? 

CDR is the data produced during phone calls. It contains all the call attributes such as the call time, its duration, the hangup time and cause and much more. CDR have two main interests: their analysis can provide insightful data, especially at scale and they are essential to diagnostic and debug a faulty telephone system.

CDRs offer a vast amount of call metrics, including: calling and called number, type of number, caller country and region if possible, precise timeline of the call (time of call initialization, answered and hang up), who hang up, total duration of the call, its price, precise timeline of the key(s) pressed, etc.

We distinguish between inbound CDR and outbound CDR that offer slightly different information.

Where to access the CDRs?

In your CALLR Console

You can visualize your CALLR account data on the Analytics page of your console:


You can also export the CDR in a .csv format on the Logs page of your console. You can to filter the CDRs according to a range of date, the traffic type (inbound or outbound), and the number or app used.

With our API

Different methods are available to consult call analytics according to your needs. The full list of call analytics methods is available in our documentation.

Email delivery

You can get a synthesis (daily or weekly) of your CDRs delivered by mail. Contact our support to set it up.

How to read the CDRs?

The table below details the meaning of every CDR entry. Here are some additional precisions regarding formats:

  • Datetime (Answer, Hangup, Start) YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS in UTC timezone. Example: "2012-04-24 23:42:00"
  • Price amount (billing_customer_credit_eur, billing_customer_debit_eur) are in cents with 2 decimals. Example: "1000.00" for 10 USD or EUR
  • Phone number:  International E.164 format "+CCNSN". Example: "+16467890800", "+447890123456", or "+33678912345".
answer Call answer date and time. Format: datetime.
billing_customer_cost_label Billing destination name
billing_customer_credit_eur Call credit (cents) Format: price amount.
billing_customer_debit_eur Call debit (cents) Format: price amount.
callid Unique call ID
callid_in Unique call ID of the inbound call (if available)
cli_country_code CLI country code if available. Format: country_code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. Example: "US")
cli_name CLI name if available
cli_number CLI number if available. Format: phone_number.
cli_number_type CLI number type if available Check our article about number types.
cli_pres CLI presentation
"allowed_passed_screen": the CLI was displayed on the recipient's phone
"prohib_passed_screen": the CLI was not displayed on the recipient's phone
customer_field Custom CDR field Format: cdr_customer_field (32 alphanumeric characters maximum)
did_hash DID unique ID. Format: hash (Unique object identifier)
did_intl_number DID number. Format: phone_number.

Dial Status
"ANSWER": the call was answered
"BUSY": the call was dialed but recipient is busy
"CANCEL": dialing was canceled
"CHANUNAVAIL": no channel was available to place the call
"CONGESTION": the call was not dialed due to congestion
"NOANSWER": the call was dialed but not answered
"NODIAL": the call was not dialed

duration Call total duration in seconds (from dialing to hang up)
duration_answered Call answered duration in seconds (from callee answering to hang up)
duration_billed Call billed duration in seconds
hangup Call hangup date and time. Format: datetime.
hangupcause All ISDN Cause Codes and their meaning are listed here.
hangupsource Hangup source
"CALLEE": the call's callee (recipient) hang up
"CALLER": the caller hang up
"GATEWAY": service provider hang up (happens in case of no answer for instance)
invalid_number Number is invalid (it will not be retried), possible reasons:
MISSIG DIGIT: number is not complete
WRONG INTERNATIONAL PREFIX : the E.164 international prefix (+XX) is not valid
number Outbound number. Format: phone_number.
number_country_code Number country code Format: country_code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. Example: "US")
number_type Number type. Check our article about number types.
package_name Package name (technical name relative to the voice app used)
sip_response_code All SIP Response Codes and their meaning are listed here.
scenario_hash Voice app ID Format: hash (Unique object identifier)
scenario_name Voice app name
start Call start date and time. Format: datetime.


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