How to set up the development environment?

To access our API, you need to set up your development environment properly. This includes having a text editor suited to write code, installing your desired programming language requirements and setting the terminal you will use to run your code.

Where do I write my code?

You can write code in any text editor you like; even the most basic would do. However, some editors are specifically designed to make it convenient and fast. Here, we use and recommend the feature-rich SublimeText which offers a free permanent trial.

What do I need to run it? (PHP)

On Windows, you can use WampServer, a web development environment. PHP and Apache come pre-packaged with Mac.

What do I need to run it? (Python)

The Python language documentation provides an exhaustive guide detailing the installation process for Windows. Python is pre-installed on Mac.

What do I need to run it? (Ruby)

An all-in-one Ruby installer is available for Windows. Ruby is pre-installed on Mac.

What do I need to run it? (NodeJS)

Tutorials are available to detail the installation process. Treehouse's tutorials are clear and straightforward, both for Mac and Windows.

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