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User Acquisition and Engagement is a way to maintain personal contact with your users and prospects at scale. Using a set of criteria, you can automatically contact them when it's the most relevant to give them news about your business or promote an event. Using the API, you can create workflows smoothly integrating voice or messaging communications to make it convenient and intuitive for your end-users.

User Acquisition and Engagement is mostly for outbound traffic (from your business to your users), but you can also let your users answer back if you want to collect their input.

What is User Acquisition and Engagement used for?

User Acquisition and Engagement uses are as diverse as businesses are. We've observed some emerging patterns in the way our customers implement this service. Here are the main usages we've noticed:

  • Generate on/offline traffic: be it for an in-store event or an online flash-sale, SMS are very effective for conveying simple information to a broad base. Our users have built large audiences for their events using SENDR and our API.
  • Keep users engaged all along the cycle: while communication and marketing usually focus on the acquisition, engagement is as important if not more so. Contextual and personalized SMS are very efficient at keeping the relationship with your customers fresh and mutually beneficial.
  • Qualify databases:┬áusing our API or SENDR, you can send personalized SMS to databases of customers of any size. What's even better is that the report┬áis built on your database: using smart questions you can get to know your clients to be even more relevant each time you contact them.

Can you show me a real example of User Acquisition and Engagement?

Cityscoot, an electric scooter sharing and renting system, uses our API to send contextualized reminders and information to help their users understand and better use the service. For instance, if they notice that a user tends to leave their scooter static for a while without ending the rental period, they remind him he can finish the rental period when arriving and start another one when he's ready to leave - so he doesn't have to pay for the idle time.

How can I implement User Acquisition and Engagement?

User Acquisition and Engagement can be done both on our web interface and with the API. The two implementations have different capabilities.

SENDR Implementation

Our web interface helps you to quickly and easily set up your communication campaigns with no coding or technical knowledge necessary. While its capabilities are more narrow than the API, it fits most basic needs: easily communicating about an event or a sale and qualifying databases. Check out our web interface SENDR.

API Implementation

Our API gives you access to all the potential of CALLR and even more. Using our API, you can implement voice and SMS communications into your business processes creating smarter synergies. You can customize the messages you send to your customers according to their interactions with your products or services as well as their data, or both combined.

=> Check out CALLR User Acquisition and Engagement features

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