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The gist of Person-to-Person Communication is to help you put your users in contact with one another in an easy and secured way. Numerous features are available to help you build a rich call experience.

What are Masked Phone Numbers used for?

Any platform that puts users in contact can find P2P communication useful. Their main concerns include:

  • Framing: using a combination of features such as call whisper (a message played to one party only), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or CLI (Caller Line Identification) you can frame users' call experience to make sure they are fruitful and efficient.
  • Security: with Masked Phone Numbers, you can put two users in contact while keeping their phone number private from one another. Another feature, the call recording option, helps you to ensure user safety while providing valuable recordings to resolve users' disagreements.
  • UX: Masked Phone Numbers makes it easy for your users to call one another. Using click-to-call buttons, it's a one-step process!

Can you show me a real example of Masked Phone Numbers?

Zenchef is a platform to put diners in contact with restaurants. Using a blend of custom IVR and P2P communication, they make sure the exchange is quick and fruitful. While a customer calls a restaurant on Zenchef, he gets a voice menu to clarify the nature of his request: information or reservation. Then, their system forwards the call to the restaurant which receives the information (nature of the call) using call whisper.

How can I implement Masked Phone Numbers?

You can implement Masked Phone Numbers in diverse environment and setup using our API. 

API Implementation

The click-to-call methods (doc) along with the click-to-call voice apps (doc) let you easily implement Masked Phone Numbers in many programming languages, including mobile: Java (Android) and Swift (iOS).

=> Check out CALLR Masked Phone Numbers

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