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SIP Trunking is a phone system infrastructure made to match heavy calling needs. It's easily adaptable to changing needs without having to do any change to the setup. The bandwidth and quality of the internet connection at the location of the installation is a determining factor in the call quality. Indeed SIP uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): your calls transit over the Internet instead of the telephone cables.

What is SIP Trunking used for?

Call centers and contact centers are the main users of SIP. Large companies use it to conveniently build, deploy, and maintain their in-house telecom systems at scale. We offer three different implementations of SIP to match all situations.

  • Trunk SIP: trunk SIP requires quite a setup but offers a lot of possibilities, with many potential channels and an exhaustive control over your phone system. Using SIP trunk, users can have any amount of channels while keeping a lot of control over all the call's parameters (and even further with an API integration) such as CLIs (Caller Line Identification).
  • Registrar SIP: Registrar SIP is a more accessible gateway to SIP. The use of softphones makes the initial setup much easier at the cost of flexibility, particularly regarding the handling of CLIs.
  • IAX: IAX is built on top of Asterisk, an open source communication toolkit. The IAX implementation comes packed with codecs making it both quicker and easier, as well as avoiding codecs costs. IAX requires only one data stream to handle both the signaling and the media, making it the least demanding of the three implementations. Therefore, IAX should be the preferred choice when the available internet connection is not optimal.

Can you show me a real example of SIP Trunking?

MeilleursAgents views itself as a digital real estate agent. It helps individuals (for free) and businesses (for a fee) to succeed in their buying or selling projects. MeilleursAgents need a high and sustainable calling capacity to succeed with their campaigns. To that end, it uses SIP Trunking combined with an API implementation to lead successful campaigns. The trunk helps them call with numerous channels and maintain the calls' quality while the API allows them to dynamically buy and assign numbers to increase the pick-up rates: their calls are always from local numbers.

How to implement SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunks, Registrar SIP, and IAX require additional software to be set up.

Your SIP installation can be enhanced using our API for even better results. You can create scenarios to handle incoming calls in the most efficient manner, buy and assign numbers dynamically to make sure you are always calling from a local number, or automatically push the calls' data to your information systems.

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