Useful Knowledge Base resources for Call Tracking

The Knowledge Base addresses all of our services: numerous resources available in the Learning Hub and Account Management sections are insightful for CALLTRACKR users. Here is an overview.

Key Concepts and Billing

Inbound and Outbound are frequently used words in the world of telecom. If you still have doubts regarding what lies behind these concepts, check out our dedicated article:
Inbound vs. Outbound.

Call tracking's billing system can seem cryptic to the non-initiate, because of the simultaneous usage of numbers and both inbound and outbound calls. Don't worry, our FAQ makes everything clear, there will be no surprises on the bill:
Billing FAQ

If you wonder what means of payments are available to you and when you need to settle your bill, check the specific article we have written on this topic:
Billing Systems and Means of Payment

Finally, if you wish to know the price of a number or a call in a given country, you can view all call tracking related prices on CALLTRACKR.IO pricing section.

Numbers and CLIs management

Whatever your use case, numbers are at the heart of telecoms. Numbers are even more important for call tracking, so make sure you understand them, CLIs, and their usage before jumping in. We have written numerous articles to help you get all there is to know about them:

Here is an overview of numbers, sender IDs and CLIs and how to buy them on our platform:
Numbers at CALLR

Numbers are of different types and lengths. Some types are consistent from one country to another; others are not. Get to know number types intimately with our dedicated content:
Number Types Overview

You can port your existing phone number on our platform, and you can port out any number you bought using our services. Read our article to know how:
Number Portability How-to

CDR and Call Status

We give you a vast amount of data on each call you produce using our platform to help you get all the insights you can from every communication. All this data is packed in the CDRs, click below to know all there is to know about it:
CDR Overview

You can track the result of every phone call you make with CALLR with: you'll know the precise reason for the success or failure of each communication you initiate. Check our dedicated content:
Call Statuses

For each call, we provide you with the cause of the hang up using the ISDN cause codes. We regrouped all the codes and their meaning in the following article:
ISDN Cause Code Meaning

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