How to customize the SMS Sender ID?

SMS sender ID Personalization

SMS sender identification can be customized using CLI. SMS Sender can be a number or use any alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9, space, -, _). Alphanumeric CLIs are only attributed if they are relevant to the business identity. CLIs for calls and SMS are distinct.


Example of a customized SMS sender ID (YourBrand)

Both LVN (Long Virtual Numbers) and shortcodes can be used as CLIs for voice. Proof of ownership of the phone number/name is required to claim a numeric call CLI.

Authorizations of new alphanumeric CLIs are verified by our support team to protect end-users from any possible fraud. We refuse alphanumeric CLIs that are too broad or voluntarily vague (example: "Your Bank").

You need documents to prove your ownership of the desired name. To begin the process, please contact the support team.

Cost of a CLI

There is no extra charge to use a CLI. Please read the previous section to learn more about the detail of the procedure.

Any number bought using CALLR can be used as a CLI. Contact the support team and specify the DIDs you wish to use as CLIs to get the process started.

Handling STOP command with an alphanumeric sender ID

If you use an alphanumeric sender ID, the SMS campaign can only be one way. Your customers can't reply to your messages. If you are operating in a country that requires STOP command compliance you need to include an option for your users to unsubscribe. 

You can do so by using the special string  %STOPNUM% - we'll replace it by a number to process the STOP commands you receive.

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