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With SMS chatbot, you can deploy your bots on your users' favorite channels. CALLR helps you set up a long virtual number (LVN) to send and receive text messages in 40+ countries. Bring smart services to the simplest devices - even offline. Thanks to our partner Recast.AI, you can build, deploy and train chatbots with SMS capabilities without even coding.

What are SMS chatbots used for?

Chatbot has a large variety of potential use cases. From client support to information or customer relations services, SMS chatbots let you craft a truly 2 way, conversational experience even when your users are offline. 

  • SMS is the communication channel with the highest engagement rate. A SMS bot can leave a durable and beneficial impact on your users: 74% of respondents report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text messaging
  • A conversational experience: with chatbots, you can enhance your UX, adapting to your users wants and needs.
  • All-in-one bot development platform: developing a bot is easy with Recast.AI. You can build, host, train and see analytics on your bots usage directly on their platform.

Can you show me a real example of SMS Chatbot?

SOSFood is a French NGO on a mission: tackle the food insecurity issues. Its founders noticed that despite numerous food distribution options being available, a lot of people, especially homeless people are frequently concerned by food insecurity. They created an SMS bot (as it turns out, 80% of homeless people owns a phone) which users can text a location to. The bot then replies with the food distribution options available nearby for the next three meals. A subscription option is also available.

How to create an SMS chatbot?

There are diverse means to create a SMS bot. If you are proficient in Python or Javascript, diverse libraries are available to help you get started:

All-in-one bot-building platforms are gaining traction. Among these, Recast.AI offers a particularly comprehensive solution to both build you bots and deploy it over several channels.

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